Times Argus for iPad, smartphones and tablet computers

We’re happy to release the tablet-ready version of our popular Times Argus e-Edition, the interactive digital replica of our print newspaper, which includes extra online-only stories and photos.
Times Argus e-edition

The new version of the e-Edition works on the iPad and iPhone, Android-powered tablets like the Samsung Galaxy, Android smartphones, and the Kindle Fire. It’s our first version and uses new technology called HTML5 – which means it works well, but you can expect further improvements in the look in feel to come, as we work with our developer to improve.

Still, it’s pretty awesome, and if you’re one of our readers who have been frustrated by the complications caused by the Flash technology on Apple devices, well, problems solved.

This edition is available now to our e-Edition and e-VtNewshound subscribers for free, and to our existing print subscribers for only fifty cents a week. Call Subscriber Services today to sign up, or click here for our Subscription Center, log in and upgrade.

The phone number for Subscriber Services in our Barre office is 804-479-4040, and we’re at the phones from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday. If you don’t have time to call, just shoot us an email – subscriberservices@timesargus.com and ask for your options.

Now – here’s how it looks. To really try it out, you’ll have to go to to this web address using your tablet or smartphone: Times Argus e-Edition for Tablets and Smartphones (and here’s the real address just in case you need to enter it in manually: http://tablet.olivesoftware.com/olive/tablet/BarreTimesArgus

But here’s some iPad screen shots (scroll down for Galaxy/Fire and iPhone shots):

View today’s edition and the past 14 editions:

The front page
Times Argus iPad front page

Browse the stories by page and section:

Read the full story with ease:

Share via email, Facebook or Twitter:

And now for the Samsung Galaxy (powered by Android), which has very similar function and feel to the edition on the Kindle Fire:

Review articles as a digest:

View back as far as 14 days:

 And on the iPhone:

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