Principles of Journalism: A Statement of Purpose

We borrow from the principles of journalism outlined below in our daily work. A side note on these principles: One of the greatest, most persistent misconceptions is the idea of “Objective Journalism”. Journalists are people; people are not objective. They bring their own life experience, their own opinions, and their own bias to their jobs. But journalism is a profession, with professional standards, and one of these standards is the use of an objective process. This objective process is what we demand our reporters and editors to apply to their job on a daily basis. This process is meant to minimize the bias and inaccuracy introduced into reporting.

So, while bloggers, pundits, politicians and even journalists have been pronouncing “Objective Journalism” dead for many years now, we believe it never really existed in the first place. There never was “Objective Journalism” – but there is and will be an objective process that professional journalists apply to their craft, and this is what distinguishes us from the hacks. Continue reading