Our core principles

The core principles we rely on to guide our company:

Public Trust
We operate our news organizations for the larger benefit of the public, not for the personal benefit of the owners. As the owning family, our role is not to maximize profit, but maximize the benefit to the communities we serve by fulfilling our other core principles.

Local ownership
We believe that newspapers should be locally owned, because a newspaper is more than news – we are a member of the community and should be locally accountable as well as invested in the community.

First Amendment
We are a defender of freedom of speech as established in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 13 of the Vermont Constitution.

We believe in holding our public officials accountable to Article 6 of the Vermont Constitution (Public officers serve the people), by defending the public’s right to know the full extent of the activities of their public officers, and fight any restriction or limitation on the availability of that knowledge.

Nonwithstanding our deep ties to our communities, we are also independent of influence beyond the principles we’ve outlined here, and our newsrooms adhere to high ethical standards. As outlined in the first Rutland Herald “…will not be the dupes of electioneering politicians…”

As a business and a workplace:

Outstanding workplace
We believe in creating an outstanding workplace environment, in which our employees are empowered, treated fairly, and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Customer Service
We believe in providing outstanding customer service.

Business Practices
We believe a business has responsibilities to the communities it serves, the relationship between a business and the community is symbiotic, and the business must serve a purpose that is more than just increasing shareholder value.

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